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Not Vital Artist Not Vital

Not Vital, born in 1948 in Sent, Graubünden, is one of the leading sculptors in the world today. With its motifs of snow, ice, and casts of animals, his oeuvre is surrealistic and culturally ambivalent. Vital’s materials include plaster, bronze, light and dark marble, silver, and gold. Many of his works seem like totems, containing the embodiment of sensory forces. He has often transported images from a ”hot” culture to a ”cold” culture. At the Venice Biennial in 2001, he showed aluminum camel heads under water, which were only visible during periods of low tide. Forces of life and nature are themes of his work. This second large exhibition of the artist’s works in Bielefeld is exclusively devoted to Vital’s artistic and social work in the city of Agadez, in the deserts of Niger.

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